Zander Baby

Okay friends, let me introduce you to the (second) love of my life. Zander Thaxton just turned 7 years old, he is a german shepherd mix, and he is my sweet baby boy.

Zander was the main reason I met my husband, so I owe him a lot. But that cute husband of mine owes him so much more. Zander is a service animal and has saved his life more than once. My husband had a form of shingles that entered into his spine, brain, and all throughout his body. It required a large amount of heavy duty medications and affected the majority of his body. Zander would remind him to eat, to sleep, to get up, basically all the normal functions needed to survive daily life.

Recently, my husband hasn’t needed the additional help that Zander is trained to provide. So, our sweet baby has been able to grow back down and act more like a puppy than a service animal. It has been so much fun to watch him run and play and learn how to give kisses. Every morning when we wake up, he comes into our bed and will put his nose to our nose and we will just wait to see if he wants to give us kisses or not. Some mornings he doesn’t, other mornings he will give both of us two or three.

Zander is my best friend. Because he still remembers what he was trained to do originally, he has been an incredible emotional support animal for me. Dealing with my anxiety and depression is really hard sometimes, and on many occasions, he has found me on the ground having a panic attack and will push against me and won’t leave my side until I start breathing normally again. He has been such a blessing to have in my life and I’m incredibly grateful for all he has done for both my husband and myself.

Thanks, Zander baby, for making me the happiest human in the world.

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